Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Shopping Spree

For Christmas we were given money from some family members.

With some of the money from my mom, I got:
This tiny package. When you see what is inside you will see why I was surprised it was so small.
Like Mother, Like Daughter. ;)
I already had the jersey, but I wanted to show you this:
I became a Keierleber in 2007, she will become one in 2011. :) Also, she needed a shirt for her first Red Sox game this summer. :)
You may find this shirt cheesy, but I LOVED the skyline, and it was either this one or the one that said, "the best girls root for Boston." Yes, I prefer the mom one. I am, after all, very thankful and proud to be a mommy!
Wow, that flash. Anyway, this hat is a sad story. I bought this hat in March, (if not sooner), and I lost it over the summer. I left it at the pool when I took Woody and Buzz swimming. tear. I have looked everywhere since for a different hat that I liked just as much. No such luck. So, I paid for the exact same hat again. :/
This is the back of the hat. Now can you see why I liked it so much? If you have been to Fenway or have seen the movie Fever Pitch, you will understand.

This next gift came in its own small box, but I received it the same day.
This was purchased with some of the money from my grandma.
When I was looking for my Christmas present, I found this ring. It was originally $500+, on sale for $200+, and I found it on for even less money. Y'all, if you haven't been to, you are missing out!! Shipping is always $2.95- whether you buy a little ring or an area rug. AWESOME! If you don't remember why I wanted a starfish ring, click here.

It was only fitting that I use some of the money from my grandma who adopted my dad and aunt, to buy something that meant so much to me in the adoption realm.

Obviously I didn't spend all the money from either person on stuff like this. I just thought y'all would like to see the stuff I did buy. :)

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