Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A Family that Shops Together...

...Stays together.
Saturday we went shopping with our aunts, cousins, and Sweetpea's grandma.
Mom in the shot. Remind me not to sit for pics next time. Awkward!!
Natural light+ active baby= fuzzy shot. But B&W makes it all better. :) PS, isn't her headband amazing!? Christmas present from my mom! :)
Shopping with family. My cousin Leah is 5 weeks older than Sweetpea. She is the average size of a 2 year old, while Sweetpea is very small for her age, (13 months, 17lbs). It is funny to see both sides of the spectrum. They had a blast in the stroller together. :)
Sweetpea may look like she is posing, but really she is trying to keep her personal space...
My cousin Cole started to invade her personal space, see her eyes...
And she is DONE! Personal Space officially invaded! She doesn't mind adults invading her space, it is kids and dogs that bother her! lol
Sunday at Church. I know this is what you want, so here ya go Mama. I'll do my eyes for the camera.
Seriously, I could never buy her a toy again, and she would be just fine. :)
On Monday we went shopping with my mom and sister. This little peanut makes me so happy!!

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