Thursday, January 20, 2011

Growing Girl

She has grown so much since her Gotcha Day in October. Yes, I know babies are supposed to grow, but she is really making leaps and bounds over here and I am bursting with pride and joy- at the littlest things. :)
Last night she fed herself for the first time. :)
Silly girl
Do you mind, Mama?
How I found her this morning. How she moved, I have no idea- point is though- SHE MOVED! She won't be immobile much longer. :)
Freshly washed hair- have I mentioned how much I love her hair?! :)
Isn't she lovely?
Yes, Mama, I know I am lovely and I know I have awesome hair! :)
No, seriously, we get the picture, you can stop photographing me now.
He loves her. Her toleration for him has turned into curiosity- soon to be love. :)
I foresee no mischief between these two. Nope, zero mischievousness. Mama's in denial. ;)

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  1. Those eyes she does, cracks me up every time!