Sunday, March 18, 2012

Slumber Sunday

We will be moved out of the icu today! Probably surgery tuesday, neuro still wants to see older scans first... the cyst we did all the other surgeries for is still there and large. He is thinking about removing her 2 shunts that haven't really been successful, and replace them with a new shunt and really get the cyst to drain.

I got almost 6 hours if continuous sleep least night- so what I needed after a crummy day yesterday! Sweetpea woke up around 6 among to watch tv-guess what was on? MINNIE MOUSE! She was ecstatic! After one episode she asked me to hold her and has been asleep on my chest ever since, (she didn't sleep much last night according to the nurses). I have never slept while holding get, but today I did! So I got 6 continuous hours, and close to 4 hours of interrupted nap. Interrupted sleep is better than no sleep at all!

Good sleep, Minnie Mouse and baby asleep on my chest: can you think of a better way to spend a morning? Me neither!

Enjoy my post below, it is the last of my automated posts- obviously if I knew we were gonna be here I wouldn't have posted them yet. Oh well, enjoy!

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