Saturday, March 31, 2012

Ballerina Dreams

Do you see the pic of Sweetpea? It tickled me because she looks like a ballerina! Arms up and feet turned out...

Sweetpea loves dancing, and always has. She has started this ballerina thing with her arms to some music and it is hysterical- I need to post it! She'll also shake her booty, and sing the song, (shake shake shake, shake your booty)! Lol She does it best when I change her diaper- so funny to see her wiggle her little butt!

It's also quite a miracle to see her wiggle that butt. Remember, Sweetpea has Spina Bifida. It causes a wide range of permanent paralysis. Some kids from the neck down, others, (less often), can walk. Most kids are wheel chair bound. I've never had an issue with the thought of her in a wheel chair. Actually, she has such a great personality, I think other kids will want a wheel chair cause she has one! :) When we request Briar Rose to be a girl, we will also request SB. Obviously we won't turn down a healthy baby girl, but we are certainly open to another SB angel. :)

With all that being said... people always say things like, " I pray she'll walk, she WILL walk one day, etc." Y'all, I have no problem with a wheelchair, and in my prayers at night I never pray for her physically, (unless we're in the hospital or something), but I always, every night, pray for her salvation etc.

I know it is up to God whether she walks or not, and I am completely at peace with her being in a wheel chair. However, numerous orthopedics, and her pts believe she will in fact walk! She may still need a wheel chair and we won't know how well she'll walk, but she definitely has promising strength and mobility!

So see, wiggling her butt is quite a miracle! Also when she asks to stand, and does it on her own, (not upright but she has her hands on the ground and her feet and she pushes up into somewhat of a yoga position). Hey, she's doing it, I'm proud no matter what!

One thing I can't wait to see is her dancing evolve. When she can stand, when she can walk. Will she ever be strong enough to dance, dance? Maybe not, but it would be cool.

For my music loving angel, I've always been ok with her not walking, but I'd love for her to be able to dance. She dances alright, and dances well, but I would love for her to go crazy and let her while body go with the music! Gives a while new meaning to the song, "I hope you dance."

Next summer she will be a flower girl in my brother's wedding. I'm anxious to see where she'll be then. Will she be able to walk down the aisle? Will she boogie all night? Well, there's no question about her getting her boogie on- the question is will she being getting it on on her feet or in my arms? Either way, I'll boogie with her till we pass out!

No matter what happens, I pray she'll come to know Jesus as her Savior. One perk to that? When she's in heaven, (trusting in Him is the only way to get there!), she'll be able to dance in worship of Him! Her body will be perfect and she can dance her little heart out! :)

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