Saturday, March 17, 2012

I had a few automated posts set up for this weekend, so that is why I'll have some non hospital related posts mixed in! Lol

We were up all night, and I fell asleep around 6 woke up every hour with nurses (oh, we're in icu). Every time I awoke I tried to stay awake in case neuro came by. Neuro came by 20 min ago and we we're both asleep. I was so out of it when we talked. He asked how annie was and I couldn't answer cause she was asleep. I did point out that the fact she was so calm when 5 drs surrounded her was a bit unnerving. Once he left I tried to wake her and she's not having it, (she'll stir but she won't wake up). She only got a few hours sleep, so that could be it, but I don't think so. I think her heads getting worse. I just was able to talk to nurse to fill them in. also we're getting an mri later so hopefully her old chart will get here soon.

Keep praying! Here is a pic from last night of Sweetpea giving me a tattoo. ;) You know you're jealous  ;)

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