Saturday, March 24, 2012

Seas of Blue...bonnets!

Second to snow, I LOVE Bluebonnets! Here are pics of Sweetpea in them last year. :) On that post you will also find pics of Sweetpea in other flowers and a link to other Bluebonnet posts from past years. :) We almost missed the Bluebonnets this year, but since God kept us in the area for the hospital we were able to see them! Romans 8:28! (and once again you may see a few duplicate edits- I can't choose! Seeing them on the blog will help me pick the best when I go to print them. Thanks for putting up with me!) :)

very convienient! :) in the small town of Bristol

This pic does not do them justice- there were SO many! I wish we had scratch and sniff for the www, because they smelled amazing! I've never really noticed they had a scent when taking pics, but I guess since there were so many I was able to smell them. :)

Here is a glimpse of our Keierleber cheesiness! ;)


  1. Great photos of Annie and the bluebonnets! I like the photos with the vibrant edit because the blue in the bluebonnets stand out more. Annie looks adorable in all edits, but if you want to capture the blue, I would go with that one...I hope that helps.

  2. So beautiful! I totally forgot its that time of year!