Friday, March 2, 2012

Pom Pom Princess

Sweetpea has said "love you," for awhile now. Wednesday she said "I love you," for the first time. To Mr. Incredible. It was awesome! Now she says it pretty regularly. On Thursday she spoke with him on the phone. She has pretty extensive conversations with herself on the phone, but when there is a person on the other end, she gets stage fright. Not yesterday! :) She said, "Hhiiii, I love you, Byyeee," to her daddy. So special.
I know kids change everyday, so seeing her grow everyday shouldn't be that exciting, but it is! She has barely changed in the (almost) year and a half since she came home to us- she weighs only 20lbs, has only grown a few inches, can scoot, (which was very exciting but still). Most babies change so much and physically speaking she hasn't changed that much at all. Of course cognitively she is right on schedule, and in many ways ahead, (Dr's words not mine). :) We haven't gotten to see the physical growth so seeing her grow in others ways is extra exciting! She matures everyday in her speech and cognitive understanding. It is such a joy to see! Not to mention the physical changes that are happening. She asks to stand up all the time! Once we get into our house and get her back in physical therapy, I think it won't be long until she is walking!
In other big girl news:
I finally dove in a did Sweetpea's hair. Mr. Incredible always comments on how long her hair is getting and that we should cut it, (he loved it when it was super short this time last year after her surgery). I always tell him that 1. I LOVE her free wild hair and 2. I have been DYING to give her pom poms- when it got long enough. :) Finally pom pom time! :)
With her new hair, we pulled out one of our frames for the new living room and did an impromptu photoshoot- hotel style! lol
The sketch may be cheesy, but look at her sweet face!!
Ok, so this is really strange, but I still love her sweet face and hair details :)
Kissy lips!
One more that is strange, but I just like how these highlight features differently than the normal shot did

Sweetpea posed herself. When I took this shot, all I could think of was those cheesy photography studio shots, "gazing into the future" or whatever. lol

She decided to count during the shoot. She can count to ten, but can only show the number one on her hand, and as you can see in the pic, she tries really hard to do 2,3,4 on her hand too! lol
I tried to get her to smile so I told her to say, "Hi" to Nana Nell! It didn't get her to smile, but she very animatedly said, "hhiiii Nana Nell!" All while waving, (she had to juggle the frame to figure out how to hold it and wave at the same time). :)

She loves to "brush" her hair :)
She still doesn't have enough hair to do just 2 pom poms, so she had to have a third in the back. Oh, and my lines aren't perfect yet- hey, it was my first time. :) PS, After her nap later that day, her hair looked less than perfect. How do I keep whispies from happening? HELP!


  1. I LOVE the photos of Annie! My favorite one is the 2nd one...I love the pink frame. Maybe you could try gel or that shiny gloss spray?

  2. Love the Puffs (that's what I call them :-)!!! Little girls look so cute with them. Don't worry about how it looks after she sleeps - that's normal. You'll just have to touch it up a bit if you go anywhere after a nap. We're typically home-bound after nap time so I don't worry about it. As she gets older (like Carysse's age), you'll have her wear a do-rag or tight hair cap to keep her hair in place especially after you've spent lots of time braiding or twisting it. As she gets older and grows out of the puffs, there are lots of great YouTube how-to hair videos.

  3. I love her puffs :)
    Lydi had the same today and they always make me smile.
    Your sweet girl has a special place in my heart (for so so many reasons). I love your love for her :)