Friday, March 16, 2012

The Suite Life of Sweetpea Beauty

Thursday we checked out of the hotel. It was quite miserable at first, (we were there for 2 months), but in the end I was thankful for it. We were able to stay in it while making our house livable. Here are some pics I waited to post to make this Suite Life post. :) Enjoy.

When do you get over the excitement of seeing your kids feeding themselves/eating something new? I'm definetely not over it. :)
She cut her bottom 2 year molars in the hotel, so we had a run with fevers from time to time. Taking her temperature was a fight- until she thought it was a game...
She loved it, and takes her temperature with anything she can fit under her arm :)

She was blowing raspberries- here she is cracking up at herself! :)
I forgot about the mini oreos, etc. Praise God they created mini snacks like this!
She is such a clown :)
she is so cute it hurts me!

Giving Baby a drink, (she never names anything- jsut accepts what I tell her. Although, she has named Mr. Incredible's parents: they were Grandpa and Grandma and she named them PaPa and MaMa, and she named her penguin Baby). :)
Sweetpea was thrilled to have cereal, Bolt was too ;)
We had a ghost in our room...
oh wait, its just Sweetpea
I got a kick out of her eating in bed. :)
Having a 2 year old in the hotel for 2 months was just as crazy as you'd expect. After spending all day in bed with a toddler- she drove me nuts at times, so I would send her to annoy Daddy. The second she joined him, she chilled out. UGH. I wanted him to see how I could go nuts, but she would not show him. Nope, she would just crash. TURKEY. Love love love this pic of her. Oh, and while she drove me nuts, the second I sent her to daddy, I missed her terribly. Go figure. :)Sweetpea asks to hold Bolt ALL THE TIME. Keep in mind they weigh almost the exact same weight- give or take a few ounces!
I think she likes him :)

Tiana tattoo- wouldn't you think she would be thrilled?!
Yep. She hated it. HATED IT! It was torture! lol I snapped this pic then promptly took it off- I don't really torture my child! lol
I love to get stuffed crust pizza- I'll skip the pizza to eat the crust. I break up the pizza into pieces for Sweetpea and then I enjoy my crusts. I look over and she helped herself to my crust. Cracked me up to see her eating that big ole thing, (like I said, I usually cut everything for her). I didn't want to share but come on...
who could say no to this face?! :)
She played, (supervised), with this little piece of plastic. All on her own accord. such.a.goober. and she is all mine!
So much cuteness in one little body- should be illegal!
I bought these PJs before we fell in love with Ms. Mouse. Now I am so glad we have them! :)
She loves her nails painted

With her new love, I pulled up an episode for her to see Minnie "live." She was very happy :)
There's that Casper again. ;)
Hanging with Daddy!
I'm sure gonna miss watching her sleep... she slept with Mr. Incredible once or twice, but she slept with me the rest of the time...
Sweetpea loves to play with clothes...
see what I mean? :)
She wrapped Tiana in her nightgown :)
After she wrapped Tiana, she decided to give her a hug. :)
I love the new happy meal set up! Believe it or not, but she prefered the apples over the fries!
Gorgeous girl! I thought she looked so cute with her legs crossed. See her scratching her legs... she does this all the time... I have a theory as to why... she likes to see her legs "change color"- if her skin is dry you can see the scratch marks very clear on her legs. We are not completely sure where her sensation picks up- since she may not feel her legs there, she can scratch as hard and as much as she wants. Hmmm...

Fresh Pom poms? Check! Princess outfit equipt with tutu? Check! Precious Sweetpea? Check!
Call Nana Nell!
Hanging in the lobby, pulling herself up. :)
True love
Hi, I'm Sweetpea. I'm 13, with sideways cap, my cell phone and my dog in my lap. Want to go shopping?
Typing away, practicing for her blog debut ;)
Sweetpea eating fruit snacks, Bolt waiting for some to fall...
Sweetpea pointing out Bolt on her outfit

On that phone again. Calling Nick and Paige this time :)
Mommy looks rough, but what do you expect? Sweetpea and I love my Minnie pjs! They are super comfy, and she gets a kick out of seeing Minnie! :)
We bougth the newest Veggie Tales- very cute! I don't let her watch TV... she has watched more tv these past months than I would have liked... I broke my rule to let her see the new VT. She loves her Veggies! Pretend she is eating veggies as well! lol
What a rough life! ;)
Brushing her teeth...
She decided Minnie needed her teeth brushed as well!
As I said a few times, I don't let her watch tv/movies. I haven't really had a choice in this hotel, so she did get to watch some. She cracked me up with her reaction to commercials. She'll call out the product, call out the tag line, etc. She loves the songs- her favorites were the ICDC College and Subway $5 dollar footlong commercials. She also loved theme songs to tv shows- especially FRIENDS. She loves all music! :)
Now we will go back to no tv/movies till her 3rd birthday like I had planned. :)
At the beginning, hotel life was not so Suite, but I sure will miss all of my Suite time cuddling with Sweetpea. The transition back to her crib will be difficult for her, but I bet it will be hard for me too!


  1. I love all of those pictures! She is such a ham...and a beautiful one at that! Glad you're finally out of the hotel now!