Friday, March 30, 2012

Best Buddies

Sweetpea and Bolt weigh almost the exact weight- like to the ounce! She always asks to hold him! If this doesn't show she's ready for a baby sister, I don't know what would!

In baby sister news: we have a lot to do on the house, so I figured it would push back bringing her home. There is a training in April and one in June. I was bummed to have to take the one in June, but knew we we're busy for the other dates. Well, I got word that the dates have been changed and now the last week of April/first week of May we will do our training! ...

In house news: there is a lot to get done before we can bring home Briar Rose. We will be revamping their playroom, (fixing drywall and putting down floors), completely redoing the kids' bathroom, putting floors in every other room in the house, then bringing her home. Then we'll completely redo our master bedroom and bath! Yeah, that's a lot. Since we've been through home studies before we assume they will not like our home at the in between stage, and that's why we need to get it all done before then. If they say otherwise though, we'd be happy to bring get home sooner. :)

In what is Cinderella up to news: I've begun mtcm again-already walked 23 miles this week, and have dropped a few pounds! But I'll save just how many for Monday. ;) We have not really unpacked anything. Remember the pic from a few weeks ago of our boxes up to the ceiling? Well, I can't exactly get them down myself. Mr. Incredible works all day-.not to mention being stuck in a hospital for a week- that took away a lot of work time! In the interim, I've been walking and playing with Sweetpea-not one moment did I waste on laziness. :) Tomorrow is Unboxing day! We need to get everything in its place to begin work on the playroom!

We're coming for you Briar Rose! We're coming!

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