Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Annie's Gander

We went to feed the ducks the same day we took pics, (from yesterday's post). I cannot tell you how much I love these feathered friends! There has to be a representation of every species of duck and goose out there! Ok, ok, not every, but lots! I think at least 4 species of geese and so many more species of ducks. They are so friendly and come right up to you! I think if I wanted to they would let me hold them! lol Seriously, they come right up to you and are not the least bit scared!

Annie however is scared of them! I have to take pics of them with her in my arms crying. I can't wait to go with Paul so he can keep her happy and I can have one on one time with them to get great shots! (note:she is not terrified, just nervous of the honking. I wouldn't take her if she were truly scared!)

 the honking scared her!
 though she cried she still had fun feeding them!
 Look at that Mohawk! ;)
 these were behind us honking away while we were feeding their friends. "come on, what about US?!" The ducks would catch the bread as it was falling. I would throw it toward the geese and they would let it hit the floor. They expected me to place it in their mouths! Silly princess geese!

 look at these 3 loosey gooseys!

 this is only a fraction of them!
 this guy was a character!

Love birds running off together:

there they go!

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  1. There are so many! I got bit by a goose when I was younger so I understand her nervousness!