Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Christmas in Dallas

Final Christmas post- in Dallas. :)

 Our (blog) neglected first born. ;)
Opening gifts with Jersey not far...I am his favorite person in the entire world and he is the epitome of a mama's boy! ;)
 Opening her 3 gifts from us :) the 3 Minnie Mouse presents :)

Jersey needed a little attention:

 look at his face- so pathetic! ha!

 That awkward moment when you see what you look like candid.

 PaPa sending over a present :)

 Cinderella castle-I found it a little pricey, (which is why I didn't buy it for her), BUT once I opened- it was AMAZING! Totally worth every penny! Buy it here.

 pointing at her new princesses :)
 Annie enjoying her princess present, Jersey needing more attention ;)
 another random candid moment- weird to see yourself like this, huh?
 handing me the trash- such a tidy girl lol
 Annie with her gift, I with mine. :)

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