Thursday, January 3, 2013

Custom Paintings For Sale

I have gotten into painting and I really love it.
I am going out on a limb and selling some custom orders. :)
Here are some examples of works I have completed (you will notice some are still wet):
 24X48 Family
 Close up of kiddos
 Close up of parents
 close up of tree
 20X20 Mixed Media
 close up of kids with fabric clothing
 I forget exactly what these sizes are,  but I believe they are 12X18... It is my brother and future sis in love at their prom and at their engagement. :)
 24X48 My World
 I forgot the size exactly, but I believe it is roughly 36X48
 another view of my mixed media painting of Annie over my mantle
 I used actual sand in the sand colored paint, actual shells near the water, oil paint for the water, and actual starfish :)
 My first painting- 16X20  mixed media of Annie
 16X20 Mixed Media using an old dress of Annie's (if you want to send me an old article of clothing, I can do the same thing for you)
 12X24 Mixed Media
 5X7 Mixed Media
 4 6X6- 4 Seasons of Annie
11X14 LOVE Canvases

Pricing and available:

(available means I have the canvases on hand- if I do not, it is easy for me to make a trip to the store to get the sizes you want. Also, there are other sizes not listed here- similar sizes will have similar prices)

24X48     $200     2 available

24X36     $175     2 available

24X30     $150     2 available

20X20     $125     2 available

16X20     $100

6X6 $100 for set of 4 (4 seasons, 4 kiddos, 4 anything!) :)

12X24     $75

11X14     $75

8X10       $50

5X7         $25

4X12       $25        4 available

4X4        see what sizes look like here
               singles:  $25
               set of 4: $75
               set of 6: $75
               set of 8: $100
               set of 9: $100

11X14  LOVE Canvases  $75

In many of the mixed media pieces I used fabric or an article of clothing. If you want to send me an old article of clothing or piece of fabric, I can do the same thing for you

As you saw, I framed some of them. I can frame yours as well- we can discuss that pricing then. :)

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  1. Beautiful! We proudly display our kiddos in our picture gallery!