Thursday, January 10, 2013


Meet Emma:
I wrote about her here last month.
She is finally in Uganda- her new home! I am so proud of her and so excited to watch her journey unfold. I can't wait to go to Africa one day to meet her and serve the orphans along side of her!I want to go NOW, but I am just not ready to leave Annie yet.
Pray for her as she settles in, follow her story, and pray for her amazing family back home: meet them here- you will be glad you did!
Blog readers, I need YOUR help:
I have been wracking my brain trying to think of something I could do for her siblings who are grieving the loss of their sister right now. Yes, she is alive and well, but she is permanently in Africa- very far from her family who misses her so. I thought about making them all necklaces- but to say what? Their name and Emma's? Just Emma's? The problem is there are 12 kiddos in this family and more to come! Yes, Emma is special and they miss her dearly right now, but what about their other siblings? Maybe a necklace that says, "Family is Forever?" Also, what about the little boys in the family? A boyish necklace? HELP!


  1. You, my sweet friend, ARE the sweetest friend in the world. I love you! YOur post made me cry, seeing Emma's picture made me cry, and your love for our family makes me cry. Thank you. We are so very proud of her, but the void in our home is HUGE. xo

  2. This is the first time I've visited your blog. I saw when Linny commented on the link on Facebook and I have now liked Precious Jewels on Facebook. =D

    I like the idea about saying that Family is Forever. Another suggestion for the necklaces would be something about being close at heart whether near or far. Yes, Emma is now the furthest away, but Abbi and Autumn are in other States and Tyler is all over the world. Just an idea. =)

  3. What about family is forever with each of their birthstone colors in each necklace. That way they can all "wear" each other?

  4. Great ideas ladies! I came up with something... will blog about it this weekend. :)

    AlbinoPrincess: I was thinking the exact thing about the other siblings! Also, thanks for liking Precious Jewels. :)