Monday, January 7, 2013

Travel 2013

Our anniversary plans last year were nixed because of our double move last year. So, this year we are taking two trips. :)
A Disney Cruise in fall and, as I said last week, Boston in spring.
After the year we had, it is so nice to have 2 things to look forward to this year, (we also have my brother's wedding where Annie is the flower girl- super exciting, but these trips are really special because it is just the 3 of us).
We are ecstatic to take the Disney cruise, but it is almost a year away! Boston is much sooner!
I booked the plane today and bought our Red Sox tickets last week.
Our bedroom has a subtle Boston theme, (pics soon I promise! lol). We have a large wall collage with pics of us from Boston. Annie looks at them everyday and talks about going to Boston all day!
"Mommy, you ready to go to Boston?!" "I want to go to the Red Sox game!" "I want to give Wally a hug!"
I have been teaching her the "Let's Go Red Sox," chant and Sweet Caroline. :)
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Our seats are almost in this exact spot! A little to the left (this is section 16, we are in 18, so two sections to the left) , but this will pretty much be our view! :) We could have got closer seats, but we got wheel chair seats. At first, I was a little bummed, but then I realized how awesome the seats are! I do not like sitting in the middle of the row, ya know? We will be nice and comfy on the back row, all by ourselves. ;) 

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