Friday, January 11, 2013


Ok, ok, so maybe I don't have true insomnia, but I bet I do.
It is a fight to fall asleep most nights, and if I am woken up, I have to struggle getting back to sleep.
Paul dropped something in our garage this morning around 7:45 waking me up. I tried in vain to go back to sleep, but couldn't do it. :( Annie is still asleep and I am up- not fair! (lately she has been letting me sleep till about 11- totally makes up for my insomnia keeping me up till 2!)
Well, in the middle of writing this post, Annie woke up. We're both up early today. :) (well, both up by 9! lol)
I was using the time while I was alone to update my 30X30. There were so many travel goals- I just don't know if we will be able to accomplish them finacially. :)
Here is my updated list:
1. Africa/Hungary to see Cokes
2. Boston going spring 2013
3. Disney cruise (planned for fall 2013)
4. Disney for Annie's 5th birthday (Decemeber 2014)
5. Meet weight loss goal
6. Keep it off
7. VA hospital cookies
8. finish my ya novel
9. Meet Linny
10. Dress up
11. Dermatologist, dentist, hormone dr
12. Master sewing, (can sew, but I don't do it very well- I just get it to a good point then stop there. I want to do it well enough that if I were to make quilt it would hold up well). ;)
13. Master Photoshop, (can use it, but I don't do it very well- I've taught myself everything...still so much to learn).
14. Organize house and keep it that way!
15. Continue blogging everyday: 2012 completed :)
16. Become active in adoption ministry, volunteering at agency etc
17. Tattoo? if this one doesn't get completed it won't be the end of the world seeing as I am on the fence on this one :)
18. Visit friends: Pulleys, Chupps, Kristi/Traci, Caryn
19. Grow Annie Muse Photography
20. Grow Precious Jewels
21. Paint while this is an on going goal, it was also completed here :)
22. Homeschool
23. bible in a year
24. Take art roll paper and make world's longest drawing like Romona
25. sponsor an orphanage
26. Finish children books in the works
27. Learn piano/guitar
28. take a legit road trip
29. Master Annie's hair
30. Continue with Annie's aspirations 

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  1. I love your list! Sounds like they're all pretty achievable and fun! I especially like the ones that involve Disney :)