Monday, February 11, 2013

Annie's New Room

I have learned so much in this new house. Besides the fact that God literally moved mountains for us to move into this house, I have also been taught many things.

This house is significantly smaller than our other house. Our other house had an office and a dining room. I used those rooms as a craft room and a playroom. When we moved and settled in this new house, I knew I would have to lose both of those rooms. I knew I could not part with the playroom, but I thought the craft room was just an unnecessary luxury that I could live without.

I love to decorate! I refuse to spend too much money decorating though because it doesn't last till eternity, ya know? But I love decorating so much that it is worth doing frugally and through DIY projects. We moved in over 6 months ago, and I have yet to post pics- I will soon! I know I have made that promise many times, but I mean it this time.

You see, remember when I said that the craft room was an unnecessary luxury- well for me it is not! It is absolutely necessary.

We have been trying to live without it, and that is why we have not been 100% settled in all of this time and why I have not posted pics.
When we moved in, I made the decision to let the kids share a room, (something I never wanted to do), and use our other bedroom as the playroom, (and yes later we decided to not adopt again, so this was a great decision! lol). The size of this house has caused me to reevaluate what we needed as opposed to just wants and I have had to sacrifice quite a bit. First the kids sharing a room, then our breakfast nook is all decked out like a classroom. Def not cute as far as home decor, but I want Annie to have a classroom. Worth the sacrifice. Then the craft room nightmare...

I have been trying to live out of coat closets and our master closet as a craft area. Wasn't working. So, a few weeks ago, we started making our master closet more and more a craft room. I was feeling a little better, but it was still big work. Dragging the Cricut and sewing machine around the house- trying to keep everything organized. If you know me, you know that organization is not my strongest asset, so for me a craft room really is a necessity.

The problem is, we did not have room.


Then genius hit! But, there would be more sacrifice. Remember how important it was for me to have a playroom? Since I love decorating, I hated the thought of toys being in Annie's room. But living without a craft room was not working. So I decided to let Annie live in her playroom, and I would take Annie's room as a craft room.


Thankfully Annie is a really tidy and clean child, so if anyone could live with toys in their room, it is Annie! More sacrifice: I love decorating and going with a classy theme. Well, I went with a fun kiddie theme in her playroom, (classy for her bedroom and fun for her playroom!). I had Disney princesses in her playroom. There was no way I was just going to throw out everything I had recently bought for her playroom! So I put aside my decorating pride and stuck with the princess theme. And in the end of the day, Annie and I love the princesses, so it really is a win win.

We sacrificed square feet and decorating pride in this house, but I still love this house! Besides God moving mountains to give us this house, it has taught me to really think outside the box! And the "sacrifices" aren't really sacrifices, right? ;)

It is definitely our home and I can't wait to show it to y'all!

I just finished moving Annie into her room. I am working on setting up my craft room, and then all I have left is to hang some clothes and we are officially moved in- and then pics!!
For now here is Annie's (3rd) bedroom (ps, I misplaced my battery charger for my DSLR so I am using my old camera, and boy does it show :/) :
I had zero plans to move Annie out of her crib anytime soon- like not for years! But I needed to in this room for space purposes. So I got her a princess toddler bed. It is amazing how she never once "jumped," (bouncing on her bottom), in her crib, but the second her mattress was on the floor she started jumping. She loves it and is so proud!
Last week in therapy we showed her how to get on her mattress. She could not have cared less! Fast forward one day and she was getting on and off her mattress all by herself! Then today we taught her to get from her mattress to her bed and I didn't think she would be able to do it. She proved me wrong and can get on her bed all by herself! :) (for now the mattress is there for safety and to allow her to get on and off her bed. We are trying to figure out a safe, DIY stair system for her to get in and out of her bed)

 I got the crown from Hobby Lobby, and those pictures are Thomas Kincade Princess paintings. So amazing! Google them! :) (we have Beauty and the Beast, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, and Princess and the Frog).

 I about died when I found this princess paper pack at Hobby Lobby last year, (yes they still have it). :) Not only do they have a blonde, brunette and black princess, but look who is posing with the black princess on the K. Yep, a white fluffy dog like our Jersey.
 I would never want that many toys in a room, and especially on the floor. But 1. I've already explained the necessity, and 2. Annie can't stand alone to play so everything must be on the floor. :) Once again, she is so worth the "sacrifice." ;)
 I was trying to save money on wall decor, so I grabbed two canvases I had and painted this one, (see the other one in a minute). Notice Princess Annie in the carriage? ;)
 I got this kitchen for Annie Christmas 2011. It wasn't until we settled here and set it up that I realized it might not have been the best gift for her. She can't stand, (well she couldn't). :) But let me tell you, she loves her kitchen and plays on the floor with it all the time! She just can't utilize the sink or stove unless she has her braces on. :)
 This is her dress up corner. :) Mirror and Castle from Hobby Lobby. :) I painted the Princess Minnie. :) I actually really like her dress up clothes displayed in this way. :)
 Standing in the doorway, this is your view. Not as classy as I would like her room to be, but it is fun, she loves it, and she is only little for so long! :) I can't stand this is huge and unnecessary. I bought pink black out curtains, and they were way too pink, (did I just say that?!).  The sun comes in that window all day long, and so it cast an eerie pink glow in the room that actually scared Annie. So, I returned the curtains, and bought some Tiana fabric and made these. :)
 I almost peed my pants when I saw this Princess Dream Castle fall of 2011. I had to buy it for Annie. She loves it and plays with it often, (notice all of her princesses/princes on the lower level). :) Also notice Belle and Cinderella on the porch swing. My mom and sister sent Annie a V-day package and those were part of her gift. :) Annie loves them!
 The Tiana standing on the shelf was a Christmas gift from my sister and I don't have the heart to let Annie play with her. :) The soft doll was made by our crazy talented cousin- which I also don't have the heart to let Annie play with. (ok, she can play with both if she wants, but I like them a lot so I display them and keep them out of harms way). :)
As I said, I am in the process of transforming her old room into my craft room. Pics to come when I am done lol:

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  1. Livie has the princess stocking that matches the princess paper. Except I made Jersey to look like Bella with fabric paint!