Thursday, February 21, 2013

Sick Baby and Losing Weight

Lame title. Whateves.

Sick Baby:

Annie was sick yesterday for the first time ever! Yes she's had 7 hospitalizations and 5 surgeries, (with me...more before she came to us), but this was the first tone get immune system was compromised. She had a little chest congestion and a 101 fever. Her Dr was closed so I had to take her to the er, (with her issues, you don't play when it comes to a fever so waiting til today was not an option).

She had a cold! lol Pretty embarrassing being at the er for a cold, but the Dr said I did the right thing bringing her. I had given her Advil which was making her feel pretty good...had she been sick looking he would tapped her shunt just in case.

Losing Weight:

I've always heard starving yourself will keep you from losing weight. Never gave it much thought. Well, I've never had the biggest appetite and go without a meal sometimes. I was thinking that's a win win because it will help me lose weight. Well, I haven't lost another pound this month-I lost 10 last month! What?! I know it may have something to do with my hormones, but I wondered if it had something to do with my "starving" myself, (not like anorexia, I promise!). Sure enough, I ate a lot yesterday, (well, every meal and snacks lol. and actually we splurged and got pizza- crummy weather and a sick baby... and pizza is my fav and I haven't had pizza since December so it was a treat). Anyway, I expected to be up on the scale a bit this morning but I was actually down! I think my body was like, "yes! I can work properly now with burning all this." Needless to say, I've learned my lesson and will be eating all of my allotted calories with 3 meals/3 snacks a day.

Funny side:

I made an appointment today for myself to deal with all my issues I've mentioned on here, (hormones namely). I told the nurse my name and she goes, "I'm gonna need you to spell that last name." lol of one attempts to spell it and few attempt to pronounce it, (keier- like fire, le- like lee, ber- like brrr it's cold in here... so kire-lee-brr).

Anyway, I spell it and she says, "and Tricia first name? Well that's an easy one, T R I S H A." "Well, it's actually C I A." "Of course it is! It couldn't be the easy one!" Lol I love my double hard name!

Here are pics of Annie from her September surgery.


  1. You're right. When your baby is sick, waiting for a day or two in hope that the fever will subside is not a good thing. As much as possible, and if you think its necessary, bring your baby immediately to the nearest clinic to have him/her checked-up. Waiting could make the infection get worse, and it could lead to complications. I hope she's always in good health!
    Pearlie Kreidler @ U.S. Health Works Medical Group

  2. It might seem excessive in hindsight, but taking her to the ER or a clinic was the right thing to do. At least you’re sure that they have all the facilities needed had it been more than a cold. As for the weight loss while eating, lucky you? Haha!