Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Shop Orphan Wares

Last year, a friend of mine launched Orphan Wares.
Shop With a Purpose
where 100% of proceeds feed the orphans on the streets of Africa
Crafters like you and me make crafts and donate them to be sold on the website. :) How cool is that?!
Once I finish my craft room, I will be making crafts to sell on a weekly basis. Like, I will be committing to it, and making weekly goals of what I should complete weekly. I think of the orphans everyday, and this is one way I can make a difference for them. Seems small, but since I think of them everyday, I must do SOMETHING! (also, I plan on all of the money I make with Precious Jewels, my custom paintings and Annie Muse Photography to be donated as well).
I am also planning an Orphan Wares party, (you game Jenna? I don't know many people, so I would need you to help me find other crafting, orphan lovers.) :)
Here are some items that are available to buy. :) Christmas may have passed, but people have birthdays year round! Or you could buy a gift "just because I love you." So start shopping and crafting! :)
 I REALLY want this LOVE Africa Frame Set! I don't even want to show it here because I don't want it to be sold. BUT, in the end, all the monies go to kiddos who are hungry so I will survive if this is sold before I get to it. :) 
 I was on the second the site launched. The site was started by a personal friend, so I was counting down until it opened! I fell in love with this little monkey immediately, and upon opening it was already sold out! You can buy a custom one, make it a boy or girl and have it look like however you want. I personally would want this monkey recreated. :)
 Which one of our kiddos wouldn't love these cookies for their dramatic play? :)
 or these precious sugar cookies?
Or these strawberries? How cute are they?!
 Pumpkin Baby Hat... if it would fit Annie I would buy it. :)

They have a large selection of Flower Hair Clips. Worst BFF here. I had my BFF send me a wish list of which flowers she would like for her daughter, but I never bought them for her. :/ But, yes, you can make wish lists on the site! Pretty cool, huh?!
Sold Items:

 This sweet quilt was purchased by me and Annie has been enjoying it for months! :)
 These tulips speak to me and if it were still available, I would buy it. :)
 I love the patchwork! So would buy this one too if it were not already sold!
 I love the colors of this baby blanket. Sadly it is sold. :)
I had my eyes on these for awhile, until they were sold. BUT, there are green apple coasters available on the website! :)

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  1. Not worse BFF at all!!! Don't give it another thought :)