Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Turn Around Troubles

Paul is an engineer and works at an oil refinery. Every year they have a "turn around" where they shut down the plant to check for needed repairs, etc. They work (at least) 12 hour days, 7 day weeks, for 2 weeks straight.
Turn around was supposed to fall in April this year. Well, they needed to bump it up. Because of this, Paul has already been on turn around schedule for 2 weeks now- yes that includes weekends- even Sundays. Turn around actually started Monday, so it will be like this for 2 more weeks- we miss daddy!
Well there has been some crazy drama at the plant!
The weekend before turn around...
Saturday there was a poisonous gas leak and a few men came very close to death. One man was sprayed in the face, which resulted in him collapsing and smashing his face on the ground. Other men went in to rescue him resulting in them vomiting and not being able to get him or themselves out. Finally someone was safely able to rescue everyone, and thankfully all are safe.
Sunday there was a fire. Yes, a fire. In an oil refinery.  I may have failed to mention, but a few years ago there was an explosion at this plant. So yeah, fires are huge deals.
Paul was in the area where it started. He saw oil, (or some substance that was on the ground- hey I don't work there! lol). While he was investigating two others went somewhere near to better investigate, and came back yelling, "run!"
Paul had to out run the flames. This was his first fire, so he looked back twice... other veterans of the plant, in full gear and carrying tools, were passing him! Yeah, next time, just run Babe!
As he was running he was just waiting for a *BOOM* and for pipe and such to be flying by his head. By the Grace of God, that unit had just been shut down, so the fire did not result in an explosion. They were still not in the clear- if the fire spread it could cause an explosion elsewhere. Thankfully they contained and extinguished the fire quickly.
But now, on top of normal turn around, he has the issues that caused the early turn around to deal with, and now he is in charge of fixing the tower that caught fire.
He loves his work, but has so much on his plate right now.  We are looking forward to the end of turn around! :)
and we are praising God for His protection!

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