Friday, February 15, 2013

Hearts Day 2013

I was so stoked to celebrate Valentine's Day with Annie! It did not disappoint, and I greatly look forward to the years to come with her. :)

Painting a Doily:

Kisses Art:
 So excited to wear mommy's lipstick!

 She loved making this!
Finger Print Heart Bag:
  I wanted her to fill the heart with more finger prints, but she wasn't into it. So, I just made her make a heart with her hand prints. :)
 Pink Pancakes with heart sprinkles

 "Look Mommy! The A is standing up!"
 "Letter A for Annie!"
 "Look Mommy, I'm cooking!"
 "I need to pray for our food! Pray God, thank You for today. Thank You for our food. Thank You for hearts. We love You. Aaaamen!"
Whenever she says amen, she opens her hand like this. I don't know where she gets it, but it's adorable. :)
 Fun snacks!
 She loves roses, so she was so excited to receive chocolate roses on top of her real roses, (and fabric roses too!).
 Annie playing with her roses, (check out Jersey!)

 She is hysterical! She loves crossing her eyes!

These next few were so cute:

 This one was just funny- check her candy heart filled mouth :)
Dinner! Heart pizzas with hear pepperonis:

 Praying for her pizza :)

  Being silly again- what did I tell you about those eyes?! She loves showing off her new trick! ;)
We have a thing for Mickey and Minnie if you didn't know. ;) 
Daddy's present :) He loved seeing Jersey on the chocolates ;)

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  1. Oh my...too cute! Because I was so busy planning Christian's party, I was too tired to focus on V. Day. But I'll have to steal some of your ideas for next year. Was that the heart pizza idea from Pinterest? Was it easy to do?