Sunday, February 17, 2013

big girl bed blues

Tonight is Annie's first night in her big girl bed, (she's been with us for the week-def didn't help with the transition! lol). spent the last 7 min calling out things like, "mommy, stay with me!" "I don't want to sleep in Annie's bed, I want to sleep in mommy's bed!" "Mommy, come here, I need to tell you something!" I'd rather her cry, this is much worse! It was so hard, but I didn't cry! (I think handing off your child for brain surgery 5 times makes you a little tougher! lol she seems to have finally accepted the fact I'm not coming back and stopped crying- now's the real test to see if I can survive the night without her! lol (I'll probably take all this worse than she does!)

1 comment:

  1. Good luck! I'm putting Livie down for naps now awake and it's heartbreaking to hear her cry until she falls asleep. She'll get the hang of it!