Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Forgotten Tuesday

I never made it official, but my goal for 2012 was to blog everyday of the year!

So far so good, or so I thought!

I even blogged 40 times in March!

Each month I blogged more days than the month had.

I was looking at April yesterday and saw I posted 16 times on the 16th. BUT I also knew that one day I posted more than once. Hmmm...

I looked through all the posts and realized I skipped last Tuesday! I had NO idea! Bummer!

Oh well, I will not let that deter me from my goal! I've come this far! How about we call it even since I've blogged more than just once a day for the year so far?

Tuesday was truly forgotten. My goal is to make a conscience effort to blog and not get lazy. I forgot Tuesday, I did not skip it out of laziness, so let's not count it against me... Sound good?

Here are some pics of Sweetpea loving on her baby Tiana Sunday night. Right now she's holding her, waving, saying, "hi Tiana!" Then she kisses her and says, "I love you!" She's such a good little mommy! ;)

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