Thursday, April 19, 2012

Project Snack Bag

My dear friends are returning to Africa in June and are calling us to send snack bags for the starving street children in Uganda.

Read her post above for more details. I spent $20.91 and I'm able to feed 14 children. That's less than $1.50 per child! This takes NOTHING and you can impact so many! Church groups, MDO, play dates, any groups of any age can participate. How great would this be to do with your kids?!

14 feels like a small number to me, but that's just satan talking. 14 is more than just a number: its 14 tummies fed, 14 street angels hearing about Jesus, its 14 street angels feeling LOVE! These sweet kiddos are thet most selfless people ever! I would not be surprised if these bags reached more than 14. Even in their STARVATION, I bet you anything that some of this food will be brought home to siblings or other family. These people have so little, yet they are more selfless than we could every dream of being.

Bless them with me! Pass this along all over the web! Let me know if you join in!

As you see we included a family picture- this if something these kids cherish! :)

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