Friday, April 20, 2012

Flower Child

Today is a day of celebration!

Last night my brother was baptized! He trusted Christ as his Savior about a year ago and it has been a joy watching him grow. His baptism was icing on the cake!

Today is my aunt and uncle's 21st wedding anniversary! Definitely worth celebrating! Happy anniversary!

Today is Fenway Park's 100th birthday. Ok, so its not as important as the other things mentioned above, but if you've been to Fenway you know how special it is. I wish I was in Boston today to celebrate!

Ok, let's get real.

I wish I was in Boston everyday! ;)

Oh, and remember how I was flabbergasted that I forgot to post last Tuesday. Well, I didn't! I edited a post that I posted that day and saved the changes. I didn't hit publish, so it took down the post I had posted! Silly blogger! So I can celebrate sticking to my goal of posing everyday in 2012, so far! :)

Yesterday Sweetpea asked me to pick flowers while we we're walking, (like she does every time lol). This time I put some in her hair and in her stroller. She loved it! Sometime next month I will begin her goal of getting flowers from a florist and taking pics with them (monthly at least).

After awhile, she started throwing the flowers from her stroller. She said she wanted to practice her flower girl duties for next summer when her uncle will give her an aunt. ;)

Ok, so she was just bored, but we're pretty excited to see her as a flower girl!

Now that I think about it, 21 years ago I was a flower girl in my  aunt's wedding. :)

We're off to pick more flowers cause today is a day to celebrate indeed!

One more day we've been given to walk this earth.

One more day to love.

One more day to praise His Name!

Praise Jesus for today!

(I've been trying to post this for over an is the post minus pics. Look for pics later. Crazy blogger)

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