Sunday, April 22, 2012

Stop Tormenting that Poor Little Kitty!

50 points if you know where I got my title from. 50 points if you can figure out, without reading ahead, how it pertains to this post. 50 points if you have good moral fiber. ;) 50 points if you know where that comes from!

Having fun yet!? ;)

Blogger app still won't post anything! Grr! Tonight I am breaking down and doing the system update on my phone. I've literally been avoiding it for well over a year. Sigh. Maybe that will help?

If that still doesn't do the trick, I'll be heading to the local library to do some automated blog posts- you know, with REAL pics! I still won't let have internet for the next month, and I'm sure you're growing tired of my phone pics, or more recently, lack there of pics.

So has the time finally come for me to LET THE CAT OUT OF THE BAG? ;) Is it time for me to explain why we are still living without internet, still having Sweetpea sleep with us, still living with a house full of boxes?

Yes, I believe it is finally time!

Our cute little house that we got a great deal on to get out of debt asap... Well that house is not that great! Over Good Friday, (the day my friend knew to call to pray for me), we started praying over the situation. This was when I was worried about it affecting Bristol. Easter Sunday, yes on the third day!, God made a way.

He provided us with a new house!

Not newer than this house. Not new to us. BRAND NEW. It is still being built! We'll move in around May 21st!

Oh yes, we are ecstatic! We are overflowing with praise!

If this isn't proof that God loves the orphan, I don't know what is!


1. Because of this new house, we should have no issue getting Bristol home asap! Also, Lord willing-please pray, since it is just built, it may make the adoption inspection process quicker! Meaning we'd get her home quicker! Yes please Lord!

2. We will still be able to pay off the house in about 5 years, Lord willing! Then we can focus our funds on caring for the orphan with a ministry called International Voice of the Orphan- button on the right!

GOD LOVES THE ORPHAN! What are you doing to echo that love? How are you being obedient to His call to Christians to care for orphans?

We are so excited about out new house- the house that God built!


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