Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Precious Jewels

Ok y'all, I am at the local library blogging away. LAME! ;)
And Blogger has changed since last I was online. I'm not happy! DO YOU HEAR THAT BLOGGER? I'm not happy! Faithful blogger since Dec 2007. Not happy!

Ok seriously, I just uploaded all these pics, and they are so messed up! What is up Blogger!! GRRR!  I have 5 more folders of pics that collected to do automated posts, but forget that.  The new Blogger is too frustrating!  I only have a limited amount of time at the library, thank you very much!
Ok, I'll step off my annoyed horse for a minute to introduce you to my new buisness venture:

On Pinterest, there is a pic that says, "The most precious jewels you'll ever have around your neck are the arms of your children." *sniff* So true!

What a perfect name for my new jewlery buisness! I handmake/handstamp necklaces mommy necklaces.  A perfect reminder of our Precious Jewels!

These can be made for mommies, grandmas, aunts, anyone! 

While my buisness name and design is geared towards mommies, I don't have to do only children's names. You will see below a neckalce I made for a newly engaged bride to be, and a big sis necklace I made for a little girl.  The options are endless!

A necklace for my sister- it says Auntay, under the circle are her nieces names, and below that is her favorite Bible verse. Endless possibilites I tell ya!

These silver discs cannot be layered with other discs, but they CAN be stamped and emellishments like these can be added... see all the embellishments that can be added to these discs and all of the designs as well:
As I said, these will go with all designs, but if you want an embellishement of the above disc, these are your only choices.

Here are other embellishment options (for the other designs):

These are the only two letters I have, and I have a plan for them, but if you want them, they are yours! :)

As I said, Blogger is annoying me right now!  There were a few designs as you may have noticed that are incomplete.  I am waiting for word on a new baby name before I compete them. I included them just to show you more options.

My cost is $35 a necklace and price includes shipping! :)  If I know you personally, we can do a check in the mail.  If not, we will use Paypal.

As of now, I have a pretty quick turn around. If the buinsess grows, then it may take longer. With that being said, I can take Mother's day orders until the Friday before Mother's Day, (I am  hoping if I get it out in Friday's mail it will get to you by the next day!).

I will do a giveaway of a free necklace to ge the word out on Precious Jewels! 

Blog about the giveaway and the buisness of course. :)
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Leave me a comment saying you did any of these.  If you do multiple, tell me and it will count as an extra entry!

Giveaway ends MONDAY April 30th!


  1. So LOVE all of the combinations! I think the ones with the flowers are awesome! That little splash of color looks great. I got so many compliments on mine when I wore it to church! I was like Tricia started a business and blessed me with it! Don't forget to add your prices :)

  2. Shucks! I'll post again! I don't have Facebook or any other social media but I sure tell people about. You and I'll post about it also just check back tomorrow :) I gotta tell you I'm totally lovin. The flowers!!! And I'm loving what u made Abigail. So cute!!! If I win its just one more example to show people your awesomeness!!! Love ya!

  3. These are beautiful...
    I "liked" you on FB
    And I really do like you. :)

  4. I liked you on fb. SUPER cute!!! :-)

  5. I don't have fb but I had the hubby like it from his fb.:-)

  6. I also blogged about it!! Def love it all. I love anything personalized or monogrammed. Great work. So proud of you.

  7. I "liked" you on fb...cute necklaces Tricia!!

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