Monday, April 30, 2012

Get Real

Ok, so obviously my daughter's names are not Sweetpea Beauty, (Sweetpea), and Briar Rose, (Rosie). I'm actually considering doing away with the nicknames once Rosie comes home.

I have been planning Bristol's room since last  summerish when I find some super cute ladybug items at Hobby Lobby.

Then I joined Pinterest and I got into full planning mode!

Well, there is something I haven't told y'all about our new house.

It does not have adequate space for a playroom. I wrestled with it for awhile and decided that of the 2 bedrooms, (not including ours of course), one will be the playroom and one will be Sweetpea and  Rosie's room.

Yep, our girls will be sharing a room. Something I have been avoiding like the plague! My thinking is, "if there are enough rooms for each child to have their own room, then they should have their own room!"

Once I made the decision, I started to like the idea. I will be buying matching cribs, and selling Sweetpea's current crib, (it's pink- not even close to matching this room!).

I will be setting up their room first so Sweetpea can get accustomed to her new room, (after sleeping with us for what will be 4 months once we move- the transition will be horrendous I'm sure, so I want to make it as easy as possible)!

SO, I've begun some of the crafts for the room -that way, all I'll have to do next month is hang them on the walls.

Here are their names. I have been planning this for the last year, so it was a blast finally putting it all together. Obviously, I've recently had to change my plans to incorporate Sweetpea, but it's just added to the fun!

A few notes: the empty A and O will have wheat on them once I make it to Hobby Lobby this weekend, and I  ran out of pearls on the N...will be fixed soon! I will have better pics next month once o hang these on their wall, but I wanted to give you a sneak peek!


  1. These are so cute. :) also I shared a room with my two older sisters growing up and it was fine! We had our UPS and DOWNS of course bc we were girls but looking back in it, it taught us can't some life lessons. :). Can't wait to see them in the wall!!!

  2. What a sweet idea for the letters. And sharing a room is the best!! The girls will love it and echoing your previous comment - they will learn life lessons that cannot be learned any other way except through sharing!