Friday, October 12, 2012

Annie's Aspirations: September Photoshoot

In May I started Annie's Aspirations, and there is one Aspiration that I have kept to and I am proud of myself for this. :) Though I never posted an "August photoshoot" post, I did do a shoot in August. See pics here and here. :)
Part of the aspiration is to include flowers in the shoot.  I have always asked Paul not to bring me flowers because I think it is a waste of money.  However, Annie loves flowers, so for her they are totally worth it.  And, I must say having fresh flowers once a month in my house has been so nice!
This shoot I envisioned vintage flowers, so I thought brown flowers would go well- even if she was wearing pink.  I was wrong, but they are still beautiful and they are not the center of my pics anyway. :) Oh, and I didn't really edit any of these- just added a little sepia/B&W to a few.  I will edit eventually to add that wow factor, but with Annie as my subject I think they already have a wow factor. :)
Enjoy :)

This is such a big kid face to me! :)


Talking to Nana Nell :)  These 2 pics are for her :)

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  1. LOVE these! Annie is beautiful! I love the vintage look with the lace, pearls, and flowers.