Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Ruby Red Slipppers

Annie is getting 2 birthday parties this year. One here, and one, (a month early) in Houston.  The one here will be Veggie Tales themed, and the one in Houston will be Wizard of Oz themed.  My grandma loved Wizard of Oz- like how I love Disney. I wish she could be here to see Annie when she watches Wizard of Oz. I can just see my grandma's expression now, and I know she would have loved to have been at this party. :)
I had some gold heels that hurt terribly, so instead of throwing them out, I Ozified them! :)

First I spray painted them red and then Mod Podged some glitter on them. :)
Then I Mod Podged over the glitter to secure it- no one wants glitter all over their house! (like I have right now, its EVERYWHERE!)
You can bet I will be adding glitter to many more shoes- only after I take these outside and see how they hold up, (after her party of course). :)

1 comment:

  1. Cute! Can you feel the glitter after you mod podged it or is it smooth?