Friday, October 26, 2012

Time Warp

I have been blogging for almost 5 years now, (Dec 07). I cannot tell you how thankful I am for this blog and I highly encourage everyone to start one- and if you do, let me know because I love reading other blogs! :)
One thing that made me sad, was I had not kept up with all of the headers I made over the years.
Well, out of nowhere, all of the photos from my blog showed up on my phone- all of them- including old headers! YEA!
When I first started blogging, everyone just had the title typed in plain through blogger.  Then I started seeing some fancy headers that people were paying for, (like after a few weeks of blogging). I was not about to pay someone so I took to photoshop, and the rest is history.
You will get a good laugh at these headers, and  you will see how the trends changed over the years- changing for each season, etc-the first one is the most laughable- enjoy! lol
 There are just no words for this silly silly header! lol The next 2 are not much better...

 The first decent looking one :)

 This one and the next two came after I started writing. I had never written anything before, and all of a sudden, I was writing.  I have said many times Annie is my muse and it is so true- even in August 08- more than a year before she was born! See here, here and here.

 I was not very into this one and changed it fairly quickly...
This one always looked really nice!

This one makes me tear up to this day.  (Merry Christmas by Third Day) I was dying to adopt THEN! I dreamed that the next Christmas I could finish out the lyrics to this song which goes into, "It's Christmas time again,and now you're home..." Little did I know God would have us wait almost 2 years until that was fulfilled. I'm not sad about the timing because Annie was still a year away from being born at this time, but it is just makes me tear up remembering the pain of waiting. and waiting. and waiting. Just count how many of these headers talk about having kids...
 The first Christmas header...

I remember really liking this one :)

 Friday and Saturday Header
 Sunday Header

 One of my favorites! It was really busy, but in a nice way...Matthew West's "Motions."

 This one and the next one lasted a day...they were a trial run :)

 This post was after the snow in Houston 09
 This is def one of my favorite headers. God taught me a lesson through the snow-enjoying life and not just waiting to adopt- and this was reflecting of that. Post here.

The above two were when we were in training for adoption certification.  This one below was when we welcomed the boys, Woody and Buzz, into our home and thus became the Keierleber Characters- lasted 2 years! Yeah, 2 years of referring to everyone by nickname. I am glad that is over. :)

Then we lost the boys :( but we got Annie!!!! :)

 In this one above, and the one below- these were done while we had hope Nemo was going to join us. As we know, he did not, and you will see in 2 below, that his name is removed.

 One of my favorites!  I may have to go back to this idea because I love it so!
2012 we were planning on adopting again, Briar Rose.

 Then we decided to not adopt again and keep Annie an only child. In doing so, it allowed me to drop the characters and use our real names. :)
 I still love this one. It had a matching multi colored chevron background :)
And the current on for posterity! :)
If you want me to make a header for  you, just let me know! I will go with what you like and I promise you won't end up with header #1. ;)

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