Saturday, October 13, 2012

Disney Cruise

It is no secret that I am a lover of all things Disney.  I desperately want to go to Disney World, (haven't been since I was 7).

Most people go to Disney because it is the thing to do and what not- not me. I am IN LOVE with Disney and will literally cry my eyes out when I see Cinderella's Castle.  Believe me, I know this because I look at pics and dream of going and always end up crying. Every detail will not be lost to me.  I will notice every little Hidden Mickey, and will squeal when I see every single one. It's really sad that I have not been in almost 20 years.

Everyone I talk to tells me to wait and take Annie until she is old enough to remember. Ok, she may not remember, but I will remember and that is worth every penny to me! We will be going soon!
I started looking at prices yesterday so I could start saving for our trip, and for fun I looked up prices for the Disney Cruises.  Paul loves cruising and I would die on a Disney cruise, but I heard they were super expensive.

Well, I was surprised to see the price was completely doable! Much cheaper than going to Disney since we would not have to buy airfare. I began looking at every aspect of our ship and yes the tears were flowing.

Tears of joy from this Disney nerd.  Tears of joy imagining Annie's and my shared excitement at the whole experience. Tears for a dream come true.

Then I was reading about the Mickey shaped pool and it said it uses freshwater and so it does not allow kids in swim diapers in the pool. Ok, I get it, sanitary, whatever.  But then I thought about it.  Just because a child is potty trained does not mean they will not pee in the pool.  I'm sure adults still pee in pools- ew! So what is less sanitary- Annie in a swim diaper, or children/adults peeing in the untreated water? Yeah, the swim diaper should not be an issue!

So, now I am torn. 

1. While Annie is not in perfect health, I would be ok with taking her on a weekend cruise.  Still a bit nervous, but I'm sure she'd be ok.

2.  I know there is a lot to do on the ship, but I was looking forward to swimming with Annie for at least an hour a day in the Mickey pool which will not be happening. :/

3. The price is right. :/

4. I WANT TO GO! :/

5. If there is freshwater, that means any pee or anything in the pools is not going to be treated and that just seems disgusting and unsanitary. 

6. The restaurant makes me cry it is so awesome, the pools, the movies you can watch while at the pools, the characters on board, the shows to watch, the hidden Mickeys... EVERYTHING. I want to go! :/


  1. I think you guys should definitely go! :) Sounds like so much fun ! I want to go back one day too, let me know how it is.

  2. As long as you get an ok from the doctor about Annie's health I don't see why you can't go. Enjoy!

  3. Hi...I just found your blog and what an amazing story. My husband and I have 3 adopted children, not due to infertility, but do to our desire to have our family via adoption !! Annie is simply beautiful !!
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