Monday, October 29, 2012

Celebrating 2nd Gotchaversary

2 years ago today, God answered my prayers, and my dreams came true!

You don't have to search too hard on this blog to see how deeply I yearned to be a mommy. This blog is full of posts, for years, of me crying about that heartache.

3 days are very special to us in regards to Annie: her birthday, her Gotcha day, and her Adoption day. We will always celebrate all 3. :) Life is good for Annie. :)

 smelling her flowers
 my camera strap was touching the flash at this moment, and it actually sparked and smoked. crazy! this pic still turned out nice though after I added a little light where it would let me. :)

 Normally I would make the cake myself, but it was just for the 3 of us- we did not need a whole cake. And besides, these cupcakes made for the unofical theme- Cinderella/blue.  side note: I usually detest grocery whipped cream icing- ick. But for the last few years, I have found that Walmart uses buttercream icing. Even though I knew this, by the looks of these cupcakes I assumed they were the yucky kind- nope buttercream! :) If you ever need to buy grocery store cakes, I reccomend Walmart!

Are those all for me?!

Little People Princesses and Prince Charming and Beast from Walmart

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