Monday, October 15, 2012

Girl Talk

Ok, if you are a man you probably do not want  to read this, (although if you are married/plan to be this would probably benefit you).

Summer of 2009 I got a false positive pregnancy test. The year prior we had decided not to pursue pregnancy and to pursue adoption exclusively.

So while I was totally fine with not getting pregnant, the false positive was understandably disappointing.

Anyway, my doctor put me on some meds, (even though I explicitly told him I did not want to get pregnant). Well, this medicine caused me to experience morning sickness.  It was awful- especially without the prospect of a baby as a reward for suffering. ;)

Well, I'm about to get really personal, that wasn't the only side effect.  Since summer 2009, I have been lactating.  Lovely, huh?

Last year I was feeling tired all the time- felt pregnant all the time.  I assumed it had to do with my hormones and went to get blood work. Turns out I had low B-12, I am Vitamin D Deficient, (supposed to be between 30-100 and my Dr wanted me to be at 50... I was at 18!), and my prolactin was supposed to be 4.8-23.3 and mine was at 30.4!

No wonder I felt so terrible, and no wonder I was lactating!

I was given meds, but we moved and in the midst of it all I stopped taking it. :/ 

Now a year later, I CAN'T WAIT to get back on those meds to fix my prolactin levels!

You see, last month when Aunt Flow came to town, I experienced nausea.  It lasted for 2 weeks!  I took 2 pregnancy tests and I can assure you I am not pregnant and it was caused by hormones.  Well, AF is coming soon, and the nausea is coming back! I cannot handle this every month!  I'm finding a DR as we speak!

I feel totally pregnant- morning sickness included- but no baby in the end. Totally not worth it! lol

I'm thankful I know why I feel like garbage, because not knowing makes you crazy, (you get all paranoid on WebMD), but I can't wait to feel normal again!!!

Also, I am so glad God called me not to get pregnant. Since my hormones are causing this much nausea, I can only imagine how bad it would be if I was pregnant! I would probably suffer with hyper emesis (sp?) like some of my friends! I'm very thankful that I am a mommy to Annie and that she did not grow in my tummy! :)  God knows what He is doing, I can tell ya that! :)

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