Monday, October 8, 2012

Fearfully and Wonderfully Made

Annie's forehead protrudes, (now less than it used to). I don't even notice it. This feature, however, is currently emphasized by her short haircut.

We were at Walmart yesterday and I heard a kid say, "look! that kid has a big forehead!"

I wanted to turn around and smack him. Luckily his dad did just that. I had to walk by again and he said it again!

I understand that kids are kids, but if she was hurt, I'd have come unglued.

Unfortunately the reason her forehead is big is because she was neglected and not given brain surgery as a baby when it was needed- her head grew and swelled more than it needed to. :(

Honestly I'm never phased when kids/adults look at/ask about her legs/ braces, but I pictured this happening to Annie in the future. I'm not concerned about her legs/braces/wheelchair because she has a great personality and she'll rock everything for sure! :) I just think putting down someone's facial features would be more hurtful than say their legs.

Today put me in that place. Picturing Annie crying over an "imperfection."

I struggled deeply with being extremely self conscious. I almost gave into the temptation of bulimia in high school/college. I can't tell you how many tears I cried over feeling imperfect. It ruled my life for way too long.

Obviously, that's the last thing I want my daughter to have to experience.  I want her to know how truly amazing she is! She's absolutely perfect!

So yes, I had grace for that little boy, but I also fought back tears and my cheeks literally turned red.

I just never want Annie to feel bad about herself-especially at the hands of a peer. I hope she comes to know what an amazing miracle she is! She is priceless to me!

Here's a preview of a photoshoot I did prior to Veggie Tales Live-post and more pics to come soon, (pic of a pic off my camera so pardon quality)

How perfectly gorgeous is my angel?!

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