Monday, October 15, 2012


Annie's gonna be a big sister after all. 

You see, last night Paul brought a baby bunny into our house and we were this close to keeping it. 

But then he made me let it go-rip my heart out-so I said ok on one condition, we have to get a bunny for real! So in a few months or so we will be getting a bunny! 

That will teach him to bring a baby animal into my house and then not let me keep it! ;)

I have decided on the name Disney for our little bunny when we get it. :)  All of our kiddos have an "e" sounding at the end of their names- Annie, Jersey and Disney. :)

At first I was thinking about Harry Potter names...of course there are the obvious:

Harry, Ginny, Hermione, Fred and George- any of the key characters.

Here is my list of not so obvious names that I considered for our bunny:
Cormac McGlaggen (not my fav character, but def my fav name in the series- so fun!)
Weasley, (and you can call its cage The Burrow) ;)
Hufflepuff (not my fav house, but makes a cute bunny/pet name) :)
Mad Eye Moody (a bunny/animal with funny eyes)
Hermione Jean

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