Thursday, October 4, 2012

Released Recap

Annie had an amazing day after surgery, (Friday) and they wanted us to go home the next day, (Saturday).  Then she got a fever and they wanted to keep us another day- fine with me!  She had a severe uti caused by surgery, and that's why she had the fever.

The next morning, (Sunday), she woke up feeling terrible and vomited-never a good sign for neurosurgery patients. Well, they were ready to send us home anyway. She was screaming and her heart rate had been high for over 24 hours. I said I wanted to let her nap and then reevaluate.

After awhile we decided to take her our of the hospital. She finally stabilized, and frankly they weren't doing a great job managing her fever, (I could do a better job at home). We got her home, kept her on a ibuprofen/Tylenol schedule and on Monday she was completely back to normal, (minus the giant diaper explosion brought on by teething). :)

I have immense respect for Dr and nurses/the medical community as a whole, but they are not infallible and sometimes Mommy must intervene. We're happy to be home and praying no more cysts decide to swell!

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