Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Annie's Art

I was inspired by a pin on Pinterest for this piece of art.

 I am the worst Pinterester ever! Ok, so I have over 8,000 pins and almost 10,000 likes that need to be pinned. It is almost impossible to find some pins that have inspired me.  So, I apologise to the originator of this idea. If you know the link off hand, let me know and I will gladly link it here!

Basically, you take your kiddo's early drawings/scribbles, cut out petals and make them into a flower. :) These drawings were from November 2011, February 2012, and Monday. ;)

I am so happy with this and will cherish it always. Note: the gold paint is clumpy- I did that on purpose. :)
I have also seen all over Pinterest the idea of scanning your child's drawings onto your computer and then making a photobook- I will most definitely be doing that!
Other pins have shown sites that make stuffed animals and jewelry from your child's drawings/handwriting...totally will be doing that too! :)
I just love Pinterest for giving me cute ways of preserving Annie's childhood- it goes by way too fast!

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  1. Love it! I will have to do it once Nater and Livie start coloring!