Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Wizard of Oz Party: Food and Decor

We were in Houston last week and we celebrated Annie's 3rd birthday early, (we will also have a birthday party next month here at our new house). We celebrated at my mom's house- thanks a bunch Nana Nell!
Also a big big thanks to Cathy who offered to take pics throughout the party! She got some amazing shots- most will be on tomorrow's post, but some are on today's. :) Thanks to Paige and Kelsey as well, who manned my cameras during the party. :)
I set up the fireplace as a photo background, and a place to open presents. :)

 Not the best of me, but the best of Annie so as a parent you suck up your pride a  My mom bought Annie's outfit, and I made mine. :)
One of Cathy's pics- how awesome is this?!
 The living room- aka Munchkin Land, I'll get to that in a minute...
 Poppy balloon :) I was going to do another rainbow balloon banner, but I did not have enough time. After spending an hour blowing up the red balloons I decided to just make poppies, and save the balloon banner for a party when I had more time to make it, (I usually spread it out over a week to save my fingers- tying all of those balloons hurts!).

You were greeted at the door with these:

When you opened the door:

 I bought Annie's slippers, but I made mine. I used mod podge, and will let you know how well they held up- as of now, during the party, they held us really well.
I called the living room Munchkin Land and the dining room Emerald City

The Emerald City

 My parents are in between tvs, and haven't done anything with this old tv, so we made the best of it! lol
Notice me playing dress up as Dorothy when I was about 3? :)  
I chose the Wizard of Oz theme because my grandma LOVED the Wizard of Oz! We were all raised with it, and she had so many WofOz decorations!  The decor seen was maybe a tenth of it- not exaggerating!

 Bugles- Scarecrow Hats, Hershey Kisses-Tin Man Hats
 Yellow Bricks- Rice Krispies (idea from Pinterest)
 Glinda's Wands- Peanut Butter sandwiches and pretzel sticks... you could even hold them up as actual wands! I was impressed, (idea from Pinterest)
 Scarecrow Diploma's- tortillas, ham and cheese, and Twizzlers Pull-n-Peel (idea from Pinterest)
 Ruby Red Slipper Cake Pops

 Startburst yellow bricks (my idea), and green peppermint sticks for the Emerald City (idea from Pinterest)
This was my second Rainbow cake :)
 Cathy got this one and I really like it :)
My mom's dogs were part of the decor as well ;)

Here are a few more of Cathy's pics that I am IN LOVE with:

More party pics tomorrow :)


  1. Hi, I am looking for decoration ideas for our office decorating contest & love the look of your Emerald City. Was wondering how you created it.

  2. Thanks :)

    I just ordered a green roll of butcher paper from Then I got the glitter roll from Walmart Christmas section. Then I cut them in the desired shape. :)