Friday, November 30, 2012

Kids in the Kitchen

I got this idea from my ever talented cousin in law, and decided to do it for Christmas gifts this year!
First I bought oven mitts, pot holders, and towels from the dollar store, (shh, don't tell!). Then, I took Annie's hand prints, traced them onto card stock, cut them out in fabric and fabric glued them down. I was going to sew, but how in the world would you do that with the mitt?!
I made these sets for certain people, and for others I made just oven mitts.  Most are for family members, and some for other people that are close to Annie. You see, they may not want a painting of Annie or something like that, but what is great about the mitts is that they can use them and they just happen to have Annie's hands on them. Bottom line- they are useful! :)
The first set is ours, and they rest are gifts. ;)


  1. Precious!! They turned out amazing! You just gave me a great gift idea! Thanks!

  2. Super cute and I love your fabric choices!