Thursday, November 15, 2012

Wizard of Oz Party: Party Guests and Presents

Here are pics of Annie at the party with her friends. It was so nice to see Annie playing away with kids her age! She may not be able to walk, but that didn't stop the mobile kids from sitting on their bottoms and scooting right along side Annie. :) Warmed my heart!
She spent most of the first half of the party playing with Ryley, and most of the second half hugging Abby. :)
(I did not edit any of these- any of them that look really nice are the ones that Cathy took) :)
Sorry these are out of order- but you get the idea :)

This bag literally saved her life! She flipped off the edge of the fireplace- I grabbed her skirt and the bag kept her from hitting her head.  Thinking about this makes me sick to my stomach...
Abby proudly showing Annie her medal for finishing the Buddy Walk in honor of her baby sister, Grace. :) As you can see, Annie was very impressed. :)

Abby was coming in to hug me, but as you see, Annie wanted in on the action too! lol
Look how happy getting that hug made her :)

Annie was in love with Riley and Jade's hair!

Annie loves to hug- if you didn't notice already lol

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