Friday, November 16, 2012

Disney on Ice: Treasure Trove

My mom took us to Disney on Ice in April, and for Annie's birthday she took us again last week!

We had been up late for a few nights and up first thing in the morning.  Annie can hang, but by this day, she was exhausted.  You can definitely see this in the pics. :/

Doing anything we could do to get her to not look exhausted- do your kissy lips...
do your eyes... 
show us how you snap, (yes, she can snap her fingers- been able to for months) :)
I made my ears, applique and my skirt :)

My mom also got tickets for my cousins for their birthdays. Leah is a month older than Annie, though she looks much older than her in these pics. :) Tiny angel. :)
Prince Charming, Minnie and Cinderella

These next 2 pics did not turn out at all, but I liked it of my mom and Leah... B&W helps a little...


The Incredibles
Double Sided cards :)
Peter Pan
Can you feel the love?
Circle of Life :)

She loves holding hands :)

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  1. Annie is just so beautiful! Looks like y'all had a blast! I absolutely love Disney on Ice :)