Wednesday, November 7, 2012

practice, practice, practice

For my Christmas gift this year, Paul got me a new DSLR camera!
Monday I made a camera strap:

 I wish I could say I made these flowers, but I bought them pre made at Hobby Lobby :)

Tuesday Annie and I went to a local park to get better acquainted with my new friend...
When we got there, every duck/goose in West Texas was at a pond where we parked.
 They ran right towards me...
 The honking was so loud, Annie was understandably scared...
 I was elated though- I love animals!
 I grabbed crackers from our car and dumped them- they swarmed, inches from me!
 Love this pic!!  I did not zoom or anything, they were that close- I was actually a little nervous that they would peck me or something! lol

 I had a blast, but I am so sad that Annie was scared- how awesome would these pics be with Annie in them?!
We then drove down the road in the same park and went to an outdoor Amphitheater that I have been dying to use for a shoot for months!
 What a backdrop!!
 I got this outfit December 2010- it was a splurge and it was 12-18mths- I worried she would outgrow it too fast. Well, here were are a month short of 2 years later and she is barely growing out of it! lol

Annie is teething and I forgot to give her medicine so I had a fussy baby for a subject...
These 2 are something I had been dreaming of shooting, and while Annie is fussy and the lighting isn't great, it was more of a test for me. I def like it and will be using it in the future- when my reflectors come in and when Annie is in a good mood. :)

 I've been dreaming of taking pics on the stairs/seats-Annie was in the mood so I ended up just shooting this... I will return to get a diff angle to see if it looks cool or not.
 Mom in the shot ;)
 We went back and they were asleep

Then I promised her she could swing:

 absolute shame this was out of focus!

 Annie said the playground was a castle and was quite excited to take a pic with it! I've been brainwashing teaching her about Disney World- hence her excitement about seeing the "castle."
As with all of these pics, I did no art work... can you believe this sky?! My old camera would have never caught such great color!

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