Monday, November 5, 2012

In my defense

May 2008 - Happiest Place on Earth (mentioned a promise of going to Disney yet plans must have changed because there was no further mention of this) ,First of all, it was a hopeful vacation. Vacations fall through. Get over it, we did.  And yes, I did mention why we did not go- we were planning on going January 2009- we ended up building our first home with a close date: ding ding ding, January 2009.

 March 2009 - Growing Pains, Part 6 (talked about how she was giving up TV and Movies because "God told her to" (there's a whole other topic of conversation), I do not know why this is referenced. If you knew me personally, you would know that I got rid of TV then and still do not have it in my home! I got rid of all of my movies that were not godly. However, after the fact, I have gone back and seen some movies that are not necessarily godly, but they are good morally. Nothing wrong with watching them- for instance Cinderella. There is no mention of God, but she endures abuses and loss and yet still is happy and loving to all. Who can't learn something from that?! So I do not know why this was even brought up? I am still being obedient to God in this aspect.

October 2009 - Rolla Coaster (where she talks about moving to California, Dallas, and how she was going to Africa to adopt a baby). Have you ever changed your mind?! Have you ever felt you were to do one thing, and  then decided to do another?! We felt God was calling us to California, but then we decided it might have been us wanting it more than He did. That is what deciphering the will of God is all about. Nothing wrong with that. We have talked about moving to Dallas for years and we still do. That will never change.  We are very happy with where we live right now and have no desire to leave, but if the opportunity to move presented itself we would definitely move to Dallas.

Adoption. Oh boy, even bringing this up shows you do not know/understand me at all. I have mentioned adoption since the inception of this blog and our plans have changed a million times. From the time we were newlyweds (April 2007) to the time we decided to officially adopt (June 2008), I spoke in person and on this blog about building a family. From birth children, to the number of birth children and adopted children, etc. In June 08, we decided to only adopt and have never changed because that was from God's leading. How we chose to adopt was another story. From June 2008 to about February 2010, we were on the fence about where we would adopt.  Africa, Korea, Haiti, newborn, foster care...etc. We were not sure, but we were dreaming and planning. What is wrong with that?!

By February 2010, we finally landed on foster care, and we ended up with Annie after a rough road there.

We wanted to adopt again in 2012, but have since felt God leading us to keep Annie an only child. We are beyond content as parents, but if God tells us to adopt tomorrow, we will be obedient. So, consider yourself warned. We try to live in accordance of God's will, so our plans change a lot- from our will to God's.

Everything you mentioned here changed because we were trying live in accordance of God's will. Sometimes we got it wrong, choosing things that we wanted more than He did.  Sometimes, we followed His leadings and then He lead us in a different direction. I do not question God on this.  It is His way of teaching us obedience.

I am not even going to give you the time of day in regards to me needing help. As I said, I am having hormone issues. How much more clear on that can I be?  The only reason I am responding to this at all is because I was accused of being a hypocrite, and I needed to prove that your accusations were false. Saying I am a hypocrite and have insecurities that require help are so far from each other it proves that you are not saying this out of love at all.  I am ignoring what you have to say. You will not steal my joy.


  1. Good morning dearest Tricia, you have missed my point entirely. That's ok, I expected that. I may be the only person brave enough to confront you. I will leave you with this, please be careful as to how "transparent" you are with all of us out here in the WORLD. Your words and how you use them do have an effect. You may not realize how your indecisiveness and your "God told me's" will turn people away from the God you say you so dearly love. May God bless you and your family. Good-bye Tricia.

  2. To me, the changes and different decisions Tricia has shared over the years have been an example of--


    ... a "Lord willing" attitude...for who shall say tomorrow I will go here or there?

    Instead you ought to say, “If the Lord wills, we will live and do this or that.” ~James 4:15

    Plans change. Decisions change. Circumstances change.
    And God changes us.

    But His Word remains the same...with the ability to convict and reprove and admonish etc.

    I have never met Tricia in person, though I do feel I have a good sense of her heart and I can say with confidence that she loves the Lord and has the Holy Spirit.

    Of course we all have blind-spots, but there is danger in a person thinking they must be another person's Holy Spirit...especially from a great distance and without relationship...

    Guessing at motives is dangerous and I fully trust that God has the ability to determine the thoughts and intentions of Tricia's heart.

    I would agree that the online world must be approached with cautiousness, as far as what we share, but just as dangerous--
    is a pretense of perfection.

    I'd much rather read the words of one who openly acknowledges their need for God's grace and forgiveness and help and covering.

    And my rule of thumb about confrontations is that if I haven't been praying for the person for a long, long time...
    I'm probably not the person God is directing to speak into their life.

    Of course there can be exceptions, but in general, there is wisdom in always couching a confrontation between layers of prayer.

    Praying for someone over a period of time has a way of helping us speak in, with love, rather than as a clanging gong & crashing symbol.

  3. Tricia,
    Your post are inspiring. Your transparency opens up the word of God to those who may not have otherwise known all the miraculous blessings that he is capable of. You have demonstrated time and time again that life is met with demands and hardships, but none too great that God cannot see us through. You have showed those in the dark a light at the end of the tunnel. You should be proud that your posts make people interested in wanting to know more, even if that is only one person. In fact, you have touched me. Although we were not "buddies" or dear friends from high school, I believe that your posts have shown me insight into the type of person I want to be outside of my own selfish ways. We should use God and our belief in him to exemplify our ways and become the individuals we know we can be. We are not perfect, but with his guidance we can strive for perfectability as we learn from our mistakes. No matter if you are able to touch one or millions, your convictions bring together people from the blogosphere into a community of sharing and caring direct under God. Please continue to share these sentiments and experiences with us. The world would be void of essential light if you chose otherwise. Most people only take time to judge and criticize, not realizing that only God has the right to do so. More people should stop to say thank you for all that you contribute. So, thank you! You are blessed and loved! XOXO