Tuesday, August 7, 2012

My World

I hesitate referring to Paul and Annie as "my everything," or "my world," etc.  Jesus is number one.  But, in this life that He gave to me, second only to Him, Paul and Annie are my world.

Annie is for sure my muse.  Paul and Annie are my world.

 I decided to cut the canvas and frame just a section of it after all... I did not like all the flowers- looked like an 8 year old did it.

 I hung the painting over the mantle... I liked it more before it was hung, *sigh*

 I never do things across the mantle like this, but it worked with this mantle...

 I needed a little something over our tv in our room.  Annie wanted to get in on the painting action. ;) (I had a sign from Hobby Lobby, and I just painted over the words) :)

 I think this is my favorite painting I have done.  It is over our bed, (well when our bed comes in... I ordered it back in May, and they said it will be ready tomorrow- after waiting since June for it to be delivered. If it is not ready tomorrow, they will get a scathing review on this blog!). Like the sneak peek of the curtains I made? ;)
Annie playing Vanna and showing off my painting. Like I said, my favorite I have done. I wish Annie was standing closer to me, and I wish I could do Paul's hair better... but for being unartistic, I'm proud of myself. :)

Ok peeps, I am done painting for awhile! HA!

Off to finish up on the house- pictorial home tour Monday maybe?  


  1. They are all awesome and nothing is better than something made from the heart!!

  2. Wow! For being "un artistic", these are amazing! I love the one over the mantle! So inspiring to be creative!