Sunday, August 5, 2012

Pitiful Celebration

We're still trying to finish settling in our home, so my birthday celebration was pretty pitiful.  Annie will be properly celebrated next weekend! :)  To mark the occasion, we made a cake.  I had a whole arsenal of cake decorating supplies- the perishable ones have since perished because they were packed with my non-perishable cake decorating supplies. :(  So to save time rummaging through boxes to find supplies, I bought easy icing to at least give the cake some character.

Yes, a pitiful cake for a pitiful celebration. ;) I will actually recommend the writing icing I purchased on a whim.  My heart is wonky, as is "celebrate" but it was really simple to use, and it turned out nicely- see "Annie" that I know how to use it of course. ;)


  1. We will definitely celebrate properly next weekend :)

  2. How did I not know it was your birthday???
    Happy Birthday sweet friend (and Annie too)!!!