Friday, August 17, 2012


Life has been wonderful in these parts!  My mom and sis came and left and we had a blast! Before they came I worked my butt off to get the house in order.  Then when they came, we stayed up late, got up early, and ran nonstop all day.  When they left, we were exhausted!

This week has been Mommy and Annie's recovery staycation! We've been vegging out watching Full House, (my mom got me all seasons for my birthday).

We're supposedly getting our bed tomorrow- if not- watch out Ashley Furniture!  After we get the bed, I'll post pics of the house. :)

I was thinking yesterday what a special month August is in our family.  I listed all the special days to us, and just look at how many fall in August:

August 4- My birthday
August 4- Annie's Adoption day
August 20- Paul's birthday
August 21- Our Engagement day
August 24- The day I met Annie
August 26- The day Paul met Annie and we were given the green light :)

other important dates in our lives:
October 29- Gotcha Day
December 10- Annie's birthday
April 6- The day we met
April 7- Our Wedding day

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  1. I love that we have been a part of those special days for a long time now. I miss you and wish we could have been there!