Thursday, August 30, 2012

For the Love of Bob

Today was day 3 of working on the letter B.  How long will it take to master each letter?  How long do I give it till I move on? Etc.
Tuesday was day 1 with B, and as I blogged about it 2 days ago, you will remember that she was getting it pretty quickly.
Yesterday I felt like we were back at square one.
Enter mommy discouragement.
Today we pushed on, and I noticed her Bob the Tomato was sitting with us on the table.  I grabbed him and told her "B is for Bob." I then drew, (be nice!), a picture of Bob and wrote "B is for Bob," on the bottom. 
Then I handed her a crayon and let her have at it:
 Coloring Bob with Bob watching- this was very important. ;)
 Imagine my excitement when out of nowhere, she pointed to the B and said, "B!" Then she pointed to the B in Bob and said, "B!" YES!!!!!!!
 Raising her hands in excitement after we high fived in celebration. :)
 She asked me to take her picture of her hands up :)
 Then  she asked me to take her picture like this...silly girl!
 Kisses for Bob!  And yes, I wanted to kiss him too for helping us master the letter B!
A new lesson I thought of today:
I wrote A, B and C on a piece of paper.  Then I grabbed a few pieces of the Princess Memory game that started with A, B or C. I had her put the pieces with the coordinating letter.
Since she has mastered A and B, they were a little easier.  C was a little harder, understandably, but we'll be moving on to that letter officially tomorrow. :) 
This game is not super easy, nor super hard- so it is perfect for her stage of development!

and yes, I helped line them up for her after she placed them :)


  1. Amazing teacher!!! I didn't realize Annie was left handed :)

  2. The path to education is so intense! Well done girlies! I adore that you are doing some word sorts (as I called them in my kindergarten days). Bear loves doing those too.