Tuesday, August 28, 2012

B is for Blue Balloon

I promise not to blog about everyday/lesson!

Day 2 was not much better than yesterday.

We moved on to the letter B since she has mastered A, and B wasn't seeming to take.
After working for awhile on "B is for ball," I moved on to, "B is for balloon," to which she responded better.

Still a little disappointed, I grabbed the playdough and formed a B. Seeing the B, she held her ball of playdough and exclaimed, "B is for ball!"


At lunch I wrote an A and a B in her ketchup, (be kind, they look bad-its been 2 years since I've written in ketchup for Woody and Buzz). I had her identify the letters, and she only identified A. *sigh of discouragement* Then I told her to dip her chicken in the B and she went to dip it in the A, thought for a minute, and then dipped it in the B!

She's getting it!

Don't lose hope homeschooling newbies like myself- they are learning, even if it doesn't seem that way!

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