Monday, August 27, 2012

First Day of School

When I decided to dive in and start homeschooling this year, I didn't realize I was starting the same day as everyone else. :)   I loved seeing all the first day of school pics, and the majority of my friends had kiddos going into Kindergarten!
Our day did not go as well as I had hoped, but I will not get discouraged!
Annie was in a rare fussy mood so we only worked for a little over an hour.
Her skills going into today were reciting the alphabet, counting to 10, spelling her name and identifying the letter A, "A is for Annie!" My immediate goal is to get her to identify the letters, numbers, and colors on paper. Then we'll go from there.  I have not started using curriculum yet- I will once she masters those skills.

In the other house we bought we had a whole room for homeschooling.  We do not have that in this house. :/ So I had to suck it up and decorate our breakfast nook as a classroom.  I used colors that went with the rest of the house, and it doesn't stick out/look as ghetto as I had feared.  Besides, Annie is worth giving up a little decor pride. :)  (to make your own alphabet of scriptures like above click here!)
Now without further adieu:

 Best smile I could get- she cried in every other one!  She wore the first dress I ever made for her.  It has fruit on it- apples for day one! ;) And an A- the first letter we worked on today and the only letter she can identify so far. :)  I was going to work on a letter a week, but I think that will be overkill.  We will be moving on to B tomorrow. :)

I was going to have her dot the outline of the letter A, and she did that a few times.  But she really wanted to just dot away, so I let her. :)

Watercoloring her name...
 This is her new crooked smile :) She only smiles on the right side of her face lol
 Much better, full smile :)
 Notice when she holds any object, she holds it with a tripod grasp like an adult.  Her OT says that is advanced and impressive. :)  She is left handed, but as I snapped away today, she showed off her ambidextrous skills. :)

 There is her crooked smile again :)

Matching Princess Memory Cards

I love how she is really looking to find her match here. :)
Day two, and the letter B tomorrow! I think I can, I think I can...


  1. Awesome! You should check out dr. Jean...she has some great songs to learn the alphabet and numbers. I like Alphardy and Chant and Write.